Tribest Greenstar® 5 All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juicer GS5-2GY-B, Grey

$1,099.95 CAD

The Greenstar 5 features all stainless steel jumbo twin gears for maximum juicing torque on even the toughest of vegetables! Effortlessly juice celery, root vegetables, ginger, wheatgrass, and more using the masticating low RPM Greenstar juicing system. For over 35 years, customers have been putting their trust in our Greenstar juicers to boost their health and create fresh juices for themselves, family, and friends. The new Greenstar 5 allows for versatile juicing with an easy-to-clean upgraded design that fits well on any countertop.


All Stainless Steel Twin Gears
The Greenstar comes with all stainless steel Twin Gears for added durability, without sacrificing the quality of your juice. The advanced impeller press system rotates at a low RPM and generates minimal heat while juicing.

Tamper Holder
Place the tamper into the tamper holder for added convenience.

Higher Yields
Advanced heavy-duty Jumbo Twin Gears use the same magnetic and bioceramic technology as the original twin gears and extend the juicing process from two to three stages – crushing, mixing, and pressing.

Reduces Oxidation
Unlike other juicers with high-speed chopping blades that create heat and impact shock, the Greenstar slowly and gently presses your juice out. This allows you to store your juice in the refrigerator for 72 hours without the loss of nutritional value.

New Locking Mechanism
The new stationary latching system offers optimum convenience and an easier way to assemble and disassemble the machine.

New Easy Grip Outlet Adjusting Knob
The knob has been redesigned to include easy grip ridges so you can easily grasp, turn and manually control the pressure inside the machine quickly so you can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables of different consistencies.

Clean & Safe
The Greenstar 5 will not operate without being fully assembled, preventing accidents in the kitchen. All the parts are free of BPA and the stainless steel gears are hand-machined from medical/food-grade stainless steel.

Easy Clean Up
Fewer parts mean there is less to clean.

Horizontal Twin Gear Masticating Slow Juicer


120 RPM, 60Hz
100 RPM, 50Hz

Continuous Operation Time

Up to 40 minutes per session

Power Rating

USA — 120V~, 60Hz, 170 Watts


Product — 18 lbs / 8.2 kg
Package — 26.5 lbs / 12 kg

Size (W x D x H)

Product — 20 x 7 x 13.8 in
Package — 22.8 x 10.2 x 18.3 in


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