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Harmonizers for Clearing Objects

Did you know that most objects are carrying energetic residue from every place they’ve been and every person who has ever handled them? Have you ever thought about where your food was grown or produced, where your furniture or clothes were made, or what energy patterns might be stuck on your new phone from the factory in China where it was manufactured…

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What to Look For When Using or Purchasing an Infrared Sauna

“When recovering from some serious health problems, I found the far infrared sauna was instrumental in lowering my toxic load and reducing my symptoms.
I am concerned with some of the information on the net regarding infrared saunas. I hope this article will provide information that will allow others to make a more informed choice when using or buying an infrared sauna from our company, I believe it will be beneficial for people to know what questions to ask, so they will end up with a ninfrared sauna that will be most beneficial to their health concerns.”

– Randy Gomm B.Sc.

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