We love your feedback! We appreciate all the kind words, hearing your success stories and ways your life has improved from products purchased at our store. If you want to leave a testimonial you can send them through email or post on google using this link: Triangle Healing Google Review

Barrie went above and beyond when he personally delivered our Human Touch chair all the way from Victoria to our home in the interior of BC, then assembled and tested it before heading home again! This delivery involved a ferry and highway journey which he cheerfully undertook to make sure we got our chair delivered and smoothly operating. That kind of service is almost unheard of these days . Thank you sir it was a pleasure doing business with you. 

Mike W.

Just wanted to show you my garden greens!  I have been an organic gardener for almost 40 years…I have never had yields like this lol…We’ve had a very dry summer in Southern Ontario and I have been relying on my structured water whole house unit to keep my garden growing well.  I am picking atleast 2 bushels of greens every 3 days!!


All veggies are doing wonderful and seem to be miraculously pest free.  I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to structured water.

Lisa C.

Just a note to say that Mittens is crazy about her new [far infrared] pet bed.  I can’t get her out of it.  When I invited her to sit on my lap, she turned her back and climbed into her bed.

She is in 7th heaven!

Shirley S.

I purchased a Megahome Water Distiller and Vortex Air Purifier from Diane. It was the best investment for my health I could ever make. I couldn’t believe the difference in the taste and benefits of pure water. I plugged in the air purifier at home and within 30 minutes I could no longer smell any odor in my apartment! Thank you very much Diane for all your help!!

Tina F.

My new YumaLite Visor in White arrived today and I just LOVE it!

Thanks to Triangle Healing who helped me with my order and really eased my anxiety with one easy product! I can’t recommend this enough!

Micah A.

I’ve been ordering from Triangle Healing for the last 10+ years.  The service is impeccable, courteous and quick.  They’re knowledgeable and helped me making purchases that met my needs no more no less.  It is a heart centered business, truly feel from their family to mine.  I love those people!!!!

Agathe Mathieu, Chef Owner Tao Organics

I just wanted to say that im really enjoying using the water distiller and the structered water unit i bought at Triangle Healing as its helping my arthritis pain and my plants are growing so healthy with this water with one plant which was almost dead is coming back nicley and i seem to sleep better with more energy in the morning.

David R., 2020

I was prepared for this one! Helpful especially during pickling season; no leaving the house for proper water for the Russian ferments. Go check out Triangle Healing Products for your’s [Megahome Countertop Water Distiller]. I bought mine five years ago at least and it still works like a charm. I bought one for my parents too. Fine folks there who care about and service what they sell!

Joanna D., 2020

I love your store so so much! I came in once before and must go back, I love seeing the doggie!! It feels so homey and warm in your store! Great products and at a great price. It makes me so happy when I walk in! Thank you.

Megan, 2020

Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about products they carry. Great selection of quality products. Everything I have bought from Triangle Healing is top quality, love exploring in store and I highly recommend them. Recently received my Tribest Green Star Juicer and I’m loving it and wondered why it took me so long to get one.

Miss H., 2020

I find the folks at Triangle Healing to be both generous and wise. I always have a refreshing interesting exchange. It is meaningful to me to connect with folks who are just as curious and full of wonderment as I feel.

Constance, 2020

I am so happy with my high quality Bellicon. It’s like a dream come true. It is compact, don’t have to plug it in and is quiet which is ideal for condo living. I also appreciate the excellent service you gave me. Wish I known about your store earlier. Thank you.

Sue, 2020

Wow! What a workout… I do a beginner’s 15 minute routine & feel it. It’s really energising as well and I have lost 2 lbs since I brought it [bellicon] home….

My husband is laughing at me but he briefly tried it and was impressed. I will get him going for sure….will be good for his cardiovascular system. I just won’t tell him what it cost. That wouldn’t be good for his heart.

Fran, 2019

It’s been a strenuous year on Vancouver Island, with much pain and suffering imposed on seniors and handicapped people who are forced to sleep anywhere they can find a dry space.  Meanwhile, many “fearless” government officials waddle to the trough to steal anything and everything that isn’t nailed down!   Similar daily news stories began to effect and depress me, especially after finding a huge lump in my left breast that really terrified me to say the least….  I honestly felt screwed, but still hoped and prayed a solution could be found.  In the past we had purchased some health oriented products from Triangle Healing Products and we decided to speak to Diane, the owner/manager.  She introduced my husband and I to the Biomat 7000 MX, along with several articles dealing with far infrared rays and thermotherapy.  We were so impressed with how a single sample session made me feel, that we decided to purchase a Biomat 7000 unit the same week!  We took it home, set it up and I used it a couple of times per day as per the instructions.  On the morning of the 5th day, the lump in my breast was GONE.  You cannot imagine the jubilation my husband and I felt.  It has given us both a new lease on life and we are both looking younger as every day goes by!  We have more energy, stamina, sleep better… awesome!  Thank you so much Diane!  We have no doubt that the Biomat 7000 has saved my life!

Linda-Mae, Feb 2019

I have been bouncing on the Bellicon Rebounder for 2 months now and my strength has noticeably increased….

I recently used Diane’s strengthening exercise and was amazed that, after being tested, my strength had increased even more, by at least 15%. Diane and her team at Triangle Healing are amazing – always so helpful and knowledgeable,  and all her recommendations have been excellent. It is such a pleasure to deal with Diane!

Joni, Montreal, 2019

This Bellicon Rebounder is AMAZING!….

 For years I have had a constant numbness in my legs, from the knees down.  It felt like they were on fire.  The first time I tried the Bellicon, for a few minutes, and could not believe that most of the numbness was gone.  I am a bit of a skeptic, however, the following day was even better….only after a few minutes. Numbness gone !!  And has stayed gone.  I have had the rebounder for several weeks and start my day this way.   BTW, I am 78 years old.  Thank you Diane for your guidance and patience in answering my many questions.  You are a star.

Ronaye, 2018

They truly go the distance with the support and customer service like no other I have experienced!….

Just over a year ago I purchased a Bellicon Rebounder from Diane Regan at Triangle Healing over phone. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to speak to a knowledgeable & caring person, she made my shopping experience a very positive one.  Never did she rush me off the phone or make me feel I was taking up her time & I had a lot of questions and was looking for professional answers & advice and Diane came through for me.  She has an amazing personality that truly makes you feel you are the only customer in the store.  I was pleased to find that I could purchase the Bellicon in Canada and as well support a business out west as I am from Saskatchewan and believe in shopping local or at least Canadian.  In this case, Victoria, B.C. was as local as it gets for buying a Bellicon brand rebounder and she made me feel like I was shopping down the street and not halfway across the country.  With the 5 star service I was receiving along with free shipping on this product, it was a win win experience.  AND it didn’t stop there!  Almost a year later, I received an email with a $100 gift card towards any purchase of my choice from the store or their website, no strings attached!  That’s never happened before!  Such a thoughtful, surprising thank you!  Who does that?  People that really appreciate their customers and want them to know it, that’s who!! They truly go the distance with the support and customer service like no other I have experienced! 

Thank you Diane & your team.  Would never hesitate to recommend Triangle Healing to anyone looking for knowledgeable, exceptional service & great products for everyday healthy living.

D. Paur, 2018

Triangle Healing Staff Listened and Encouraged a NEW idea for my Bellicon Rebounder….

I want to thank you Diane, for speaking over the telephone with me earlier this month. I am 55 years old and for the last 6 years I have been battling Extreme Anemia. I purchased a Bellicon Rebounder a couple of years ago in order to exercise in my home, and to benefit my blood and body cells (lymphatic system). I told Diane, that I am not a Marathon Runner, or Gym person, or any type of athlete. I used to walk 45 minutes a day, but with dizzy spells that occur with Anemia, I was not confident to walk by myself or walk very far away from my home. I asked Diane about the Bellicon T-Bar that is on their website, she told me that the Bellicon T-Bar added to my Bellicon Rebounder would open up a vast range of exercises for me. And with using the Bellicon Rebounder and T-Bar as an excercise program each day this is all I would need, for the benefits to my health would be tremendous. Diane told me at the end of our call, “If you need Positive Natural Products, or encouragement in keeping that body moving forward towards Health, call us at Trianglehealing for we are only a telephone call away.” Thank you to Barry, who guided me through on the telephone on how to attach my new Bellicon T-Bar. You are all the BEST, thanks again. 

L. Steele, 2017

Dear Diane and Triangle Healers,

Just a little note to thank you for this incredibly generous gift of appreciation, it was honestly far above and beyond what I thought it might be after I received the “Heads Up” phone call requesting my email address to get this set up!

I had never written an online review before and it was honestly my pleasure to do so because I believe so strongly in your business and you as people, you really are unparalleled in terms of quality, selection and service.  You are also lovely and wonderful members of our community here in Victoria and beyond.

Thank you so much for making my day and the timing could not be better; I am hoping to purchase a water distiller for the holidays so that my family out of province can enjoy some of the marvellous health benefits that I have enjoyed since purchasing mine. (They are already asking me for the links to purchase the structured silver I sent them home with to try the last time they came out to visit me, so we are quickly becoming a family of Triangle Healing aficionados!). The distiller is probably the most heartfelt gift I can give and it is all thanks to you and your incredible business for making a real and positive difference in our lives.

With Warm Wishes and Great Appreciation,

Joanna, 2017

Normally I do not write comments, let alone customer testimonials but since I appreciate excellent customer service, I had to write one for this company….

Triangle Healing Products is awesome! It is the only company and online store that carries one of thee, if not thee best shower heads in the world (very rare now and out of production). I could not find this particular shower head anywhere else (eliminates chlorine & is filled with unique natural quartz, citrine crystals, ceramics and rare Japanese hot spring minerals: really healthy shower experience) but they actually had it and one other limited edition version.

The price listed was quite reasonable for the quality and I believe under manufacture listed price (always nice to get a good price, on a high quality item). Also, their website was super easy to navigate and find what I wanted. Furthermore, the staff and customer service are outstanding. I live out of country (the shop is located in Canada) and needed it shipped to me. Diane is the wonderful woman who assisted me. She was very responsive and answered all of my questions in a timely manner (which I greatly appreciate). She gave me multiple shipping options, order status updates and provided me with the tracking details immediately after purchase.

Moreover, my item arrived sooner than expected which was really nice and it was carefully packaged (very happy that a conscious effort was made to protect my investment). I’ll for sure be buying from this company in the future, as they have won me over as a loyal customer.

Support local family owned businesses: Triangle Healing Products is one of the best!

Hunter, 2017

This is such a fun place to shop!….

One of my favourite local businesses and I have found nothing like it on my travels.  I have shopped at Triangle Healing for years and have always been impressed with their warmth, endless knowledge and commitment to helping people feel and live better.

Most recently I purchased a Megahome Water Distiller and some other goodies (the Electric Body moisturizer is amazing and I had to stop myself from tasting it that is how good it smelled!) on a hot summer day and couldn’t get out of the house to shop in person.  I inquired about shipping rates but to my great surprise and delight the order was completed in under and hour and Diane dispatched Barry to deliver it in person (agreeably taking the many stairs in my building himself) and he gave me a great intro to the product!  I was and continue to be blown away by their level of attentiveness and service. 

Their website is really user friendly too and has a wealth of information that is very easily searchable.  I have learned so much from them and their passion is palpable.

The shop is lovely as are all of the staff–Lorea is a delight and very helpful with nutritional supplements and aromatherapy.  I really cannot thank them enough for their support, encouragement and loveliness.  I am now on half of the medication I used to take for the first time in my adult life thanks to some well-selected and competitively priced thoughtfully designed and functional products.  They are efficient and focused and will help your reach your health goals and you will leave feeling intrigued and empowered!

Millennials (and millennials-at-heart 🙂 )–this is a great place to get your essential oils and their crystal selection (wands, spheres, lamps, points, you name it!) at great prices and you will not regret a trip to Triangle!  I have some purchases queued up that I know I will enjoy immoderately; don’t miss this gem.

J. Dawson, 2017

My new Premium Bellicon arrived today and I just LOVE it!!…

Thanks to Triangle Healing staff who helped me with my order and who displayed EXCELLENT customer service. Cheers!

D. Mander, 2017

I purchased my Amethyst Bio Mat at Triangle Healing and it is one of the best investments I have ever made… 

I use my mat every day, often twice a day. In the winter especially, the healing energy of the infra-red rays is a blissful experience. I can’t imagine living now, without my Bio Mat.

Thanks to the folks at Triangle Healing, for what they offer.

S. Wright, 2017

Thanks to Diane and her fantastic staff and Barrie their technician, I now have my BlueMax lamp working again!… 

What I originally thought to be a burned out bulb ended up being the ballast and with Barry’s help over the phone, he was able to explain to me how to fix it myself. So he shipped me a new ballast (no cost) and voila, my light is working again! I love, love, love my BlueMax lamp, it provides me with the sunshine I need on those grey Victoria days!  I use it all year round.

The folks at Triangle go out of their way to provide not just sales, but top notch service and I recommend to anyone that wants quality of life to check in with Triangle first!

K. Elder, 2016

I read Focus Magazine and I noted in some of the ads by Triangle Healing Products that they were mentioning a product called Barefoot Science insoles…

That got me thinking. I have been using orthotics for at least 30 years but my feet didn’t improve, rather the opposite. I had to go back for adjustments many times and fiddled with pieces of foam to ease the discomfort of the pressure on the balls of my feet. I had the sinking feeling that it would go downhill as I got older. No good! One day I took myself to Spruce avenue where the Triangle business is located. I wanted to try the insoles out, no matter what. I fully expected that it wouldn’t work but I was surprised. The owner of the store advised me to keep them on but I didn’t dare. I went home and put them in my shoes and told myself to keep them there. Lo and behold, I walked on them all day and it felt good. Next day I saw my sister in town and we went to Dallas road for a walk. I said to her: a miracle has happened, I am without my arch supports and it feels so much better! I can’t believe it. Normally, the balls of my feet would hurt so much. I have since been to Holland for a holiday and walked up to 5 hours a day, no trouble. Now, after 3 months or so of using them, I notice that my feet feel more flexible. I recommended them to a friend who has the same problem with her feet. What I can’t get over is the fact that I walk without arch supports! Thank you Triangle for the wonderful help you gave me!  

E. Borsboom, 2016