STETZERiZER® Filter (Single or Pack of 20)

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The STETZERiZER® Filter is based upon 100 year-old science and power engineering principles. Newly introduced is the design, which is focused on the needs of the customers in homes, offices, schools, etc. Filters have been extensively applied for decades by industrial users and the electric utility industry itself. The STETZERiZER® Filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current (trash) from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential for leakage into the human environment and creating additional trash in non-liner loads (televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).


The high frequency current (trash) on the neutral wire in the electrical system is positioned to return directly to the power system via the feeder neutral to the substation, and possibly beyond. However, as is often the case, the utility feeder neutral is not adequately sized (as required by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin). If this is the case, much of the return current will flow through the ground rather than the feeder neutral. Under these conditions, the STETZERiZER® Filters still provide benefits; this should be seen as local mitigation rather than part of a complete solution that requires an adequately sized neutral return.

At 60 Hz the filters act as capacitors and normally marginally improve the power factor of the customer load, which are normally slightly inductive.

Typical Home Installation

Filters are designed to be installed throughout the home in a pattern that corresponds to the distributed nature of the need. For example, installing two filters close to a desktop computer or a television is normally appropriate and effective. Installing filters, normally from two to six, close to the input power panel is recommended to address high frequency currents entering on the power lines. The total number of filters required depends on the size of the home, the amount of electrical equipment, and the quality of the power from the grid. Twenty filters are normally adequate for a “typical” house.

Installing an inadequate number of filters tends to result in overloaded filters, leading to an ineffective solution. The preferred installation method is to be guided by the STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter, which measures the amount of high frequency energy present. Readings of 30 or lower indicate an acceptable environment, while readings of 50 or higher indicate a need for additional filters. Readings between 30 and 50 are marginally acceptable, but should be reduced if anyone in the area is electrically sensitive.

As referenced in the STETZERiZER® Filter FAQs, a typical home requires about 20 filters before its environment is effectively “cleaned up”. While your home may require a different number than this, we recommend purchasing 20 filters to start. We understand that this may be a substantial investment, but after years of experience, our results speak for themselves. We recommend purchasing a STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter if you want to measure the exact amount of filters needed to clean your specific environment.

The reader is encouraged to review the STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter Product Description, the STETZERiZER® Filter Installation Instructions, and the STETZERiZER® Filter Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Model: GS-F110-A
  • Color: White
  • Length (in.): 3.95
  • Width (in.): 2.36
  • Height (in.): 2.55
  • Input: 110V; 50-60Hz
  • Plug Type: Type A (ungrounded)
  • For Use In: North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean


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Single, Pack of 20


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