Antiques Harmonizer

$159.00 CAD

The Antiques Harmonizer has been specifically developed for clearing antique furniture, art work, paintings, but mainly all used household objects of old sticky vibrations. Great for used vehicles, cars, bikes and RVs.


1. The Antiques Harmonizer clears negative energy and vibrations from used furniture, tables, chairs, beds, couches, cupboards, chests, etc., also sculptures and paintings, books, as well as used household objects of all kinds.

2. It clears negative energies from cars, motor bikes, even RV’s and boats, especially traumatic imprints from accidents, as well as the energetic aspects of a history of parking/ speeding tickets or other traffic violations.

3. The Antiques Harmonizer can be used for clearing vibrational patterns on fire arms. A gun which had been used to kill life carries significant residue and needs to be cleared carefully on an energetic level before sold to another person.


  • Use the Antiques Harmonizer directly on the object for a couple of minutes. Depending on the age and history of the item the required duration for clearing might differ quite widely.
  • For cars and other vehicles just place the Antiques Harmonizer inside on the seat for at least 2 minutes.
  • Use dowsing or any form of energy testing to determine more accurately the necessary clearing times. If you have not tried out Bodydowsing as a method for energy testing yet please look up details on my websites.
  • For clearing fire arms we recommend to go through the process with one gun at a time. Place the Harmonizer on top of the gun for about 10 minutes at least and check at the end (with Body-dowsing or any other energy test) if the process was successfully finished..
  • It does not matter which side of the Antiques Harmonizer is held towards the items you’re going to clear.

Product size is about 2 x 3 inches. Made with Superflat technology from real 24 carat gold material.


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