BioResonance PRO-III Laser

$1,350.00 CAD

The BioResonance PRO-III Laser energizes water and food. It can also help to boost the body’s own self healing mechanism, reduces stress on all levels (physical, etheric and emotional) and assists the practitioner in their field of expertise. It carries more than 5500 informational subtle frequencies.

The BioResonance Laser provides informational frequencies to boost the energy content of water & food and to counteract disorder and stress in our body. Energetic drain on a cellular level is a significant cause for depletion, dysfunction and finally for illness.

When we understand that food nourishes our body to a large degree through its energetic quality and through beneficial subtle frequencies, we can imagine that stress and chaos are harmful and need to be avoided or counteracted. No wonder that a microwave does major damage to food, no wonder that cellphones and computers ruin our water, especially as water is the major memory medium for high frequency information.


The BioResonance Laser is the result of more than 15 years of research in the field of Quantum Physics, Zero-point Energy and the concept of an all-pervading, multi-dimensional, intelligent matrix which confines our physical form.

Our goal was to convert this research into practical energetic tools for everyday life.

We consider the BioResonance Laser our most important and beneficial tool. It is easy to use and offers a quick solution for regaining the original blueprint information in water and food.

Werner Brandmaier, Dipl.Ing

The BioResonance PRO-III Laser (Mark-III) is our latest laser model for the professional user. It energizes water and boosts the energy of beverages and food. The BioResonance PRO-III Laser helps to boost the body’s own self healing mechanism, reduces stress on all levels (physical, etheric and emotional) and assists the practitioner in their field of expertise. It carries more than 5500 informational subtle frequencies.

“I use the PRO Laser on my water, food and supplements, but most of all I have used it for physical ailment. As I have struggled with chronic Lyme and the discomforts that follows, this tool has come to be of great benefit. When using it, I can feel the tingles internally and a realignment of the cells to its original blueprint. Aches and pains soften and my overall energy gets stronger as these places of weakness gets strengthened.”

Mia Luz, PA –


The BioResonance PRO-Mark-III Laser may*:

  • restructure and energize drinking water
  • erase the vibrational memory of Geopathic Stress and EMFs in water
  • neutralize electro-magnetic charges in food, especially also with blenders, juicers and water ionizers
  • counteract the destructive effects of microwave ovens
  • boost nutritional frequencies in food
  • maximize the benefits of supplements
  • help to counteract toxic side effects of food additives and artificial sweeteners
  • help neutralize the energetic damage of sodas, coffee and energy drinks
  • help neutralize the energetic damage of junk food or unhealthy food choices
  • reduce the body’s response to food allergens
  • change the taste of cigarettes and the desire for smoking
  • diminish the body’s response to toxins in alcohol
  • support the body in his effort to detox from Geopathic Stress and EMF charges
  • reactivate blueprint information in cells throughout the body for an increase in vitality
  • improve physical balance, endurance and strength of athletes
  • increase relaxation of stressed muscles and imbalanced hips
  • allow easy stimulation of acupuncture and acupressure points to balance meridians
  • contain subtle frequencies easing pain, enhanced when applied to acupuncture points
  • assist the body with accelerated self healing of cuts, bruises, skin irritations, etc.
  • assist with accelerated healing after dental surgery
  • assist with calming irritated nerves (esp. teeth)
  • contribute advanced frequencies to increase focus and concentration
  • contain frequencies to enhance emotional and spiritual balance
  • provide higher dimensional harmonics of the 528 Heart Frequency
  • support clearing and balancing of chakras
  • be beneficial for pets when used on their water and food
  • beneficial for plants, as well

All above benefits have been reported repeatedly and confirmed through energetic testing. However, science is still struggling even acknowledging many of these arguments as problems (such as biological damage caused by microwaves, toxicity of artificial sweeteners or the existence of subtle earth energies affecting our health. Please visit for a more detailed description and please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

*For legal reasons we have decided to describe the features of our products as possible outcomes in the form “they may”. We want you to be aware that we work within subtle energetic realms which are differently experienced from person to person. All of the listed benefits have been reported multiple times with use of our lasers, but individual responses can be different.

Disclaimer: Our products have not been approved by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, cure or be a substitute for medical attention in any way. They are energetic tools and support body and mind in addition to regular medical care. If you have a medical condition or question, please contact your health care provider promptly. ~ Institute of Feng Shui 


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