SpinaliS Navigator Luxury Active Sitting Office Chair

$1,690.00 CAD

Like all other Spinalis chair models, due to its flexible seat, Navigator also promotes upright posture and follows the movement of your body. Therefore, this chair does not allow any incorrect positions of the body, which is common with other office chairs with a fixed seating area. The padded backrest in the lumbar area is designed ergonomically and thus affects your well-being. SpinaliS Navigator is the ideal choice for people, who are looking for an ergonomic chair with a high backrest. For this reason, taller users often choose this model. Navigator’s height-adjustable backrest with added lumbar support is coated in premium microfiber with the look of a prestigious alcantara.

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SpinaliS Navigator model was designed for rather slim users taller than 6’2”. It fits well even to very tall people, up to 250 lbs in weight. Unlike other models, Navigator is equipped with a prolonged backrest in order to support tall people’s backs. Its’ movable seat on the spring promotes active sitting and helps to relieve back pain. The height of the seat and the backrest with the armrests is adjustable. The chair has a high-quality metal frame. The upholstery is a soft Italian material called Dynamica that has the luxury appearance of suede, is easy to clean, and is available in eight standard colours.

  • A gentle lower back support
  • Microfiber fabric in the look of alcantara
  • A higher backrest
  • Patented spring technology
  • Designed specifically for slim and tall users
  • Body type: over 6’2” in height & 140 lbs – 250 lbs in weight
  • Typical workplace type: desk job
  • Body height up to 6′ 3” fits medium gas lift
  • If you are taller than 6’3” order a long gas lift


  • Medium gas lift range: seat 19.7” – 24.0”
  • Large gas lift range: seat 20.7″ – 24.8″
  • Small gas lift range: seat 18.5” – 20.1”
  • User Height: 6’2”and taller
  • Body Type: slim, average
  • Adjusting options: seat height, backrest / armrests height
  • Seat dimensions: width: 18.1”, depth: 16.9”
  • Max load: 250 lb
  • Chair weight: 39 lb

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To customize this chair please visit us in-store or call 1-888-370-1818.


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