Rep Band® Latex-free Resistance Exercise Band (Assorted Strengths)

Starting From: $13.50 CAD

Therapists have been using and recommending Rep Band® resistance exercise bands for rehabilitation, including improving range of motion, muscular strength and endurance.

Rep Band® Resistive Exercise Bands are the leading non-latex resistive exercise bands on the market. Powder-free and odor-free bands are available in your choice of five resistance levels designated from light to heavy by colour.


  • Resistance: Extra light to extra heavy (5 colour-coded resistance levels)
  • Latex-free and powder-free bands
  • Colours: Peach, Orange, Green, Blue, Plum
  • Size: 5-foot long x 4 inches wide (1.5m x 9.7cm)

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Peach 5ft (Level 1) Extra light, Orange 5ft (Level 2) Light, Green 5ft (Level 3) Medium, Blue 5ft (Level 4) Hard, Plum 5ft (Level 5) Extra Hard


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