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The Relax-a-Roller is a foot and body massage tool created and manufactured by Tom Woloshyn based on an original concept that was developed by Stanley Burroughs. The unique design imitates the reflexive or pressure point effect of Vita-Flex on the feet and the body with a massage tool that can be used at any time with great results.

The Relax-A-Roller is available in two sizes; Small for use on the feet and Large with handles for use on the feet and the whole body.


Balance & Relax

The unique design of the Relax-A-Roller imitates the pressure point/reflexive effect of Vita-Flex and Reflexology on the feet as well as the 5,000 pressure points on the body. The Relax-A-Roller is particularly effective on the feet as the pyramidal points break up the tension in the feet from being pressed flat by the weight of the entire body. This leaves your feet feeling light and rejuvenated.  For an added bonus, apply Essential Oils to your feet prior to rolling.

Works in Seconds

Within seconds of use one can feel the feet relax and pain ease away. As pressure points are activated by the Relax-A-Roller, energy travels through the meridians, allowing the body to balance or normalize itself. Using the Relax-A-Roller in the morning will stimulate your body and using it in the evening will help your body relax for sleep. A simple test is to roll only one foot for 60 seconds, then stand up, walk around, and feel the difference from one side to the other.

Used by Professionals

The Relax-A-Roller is endorsed by Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, and is recommended by the International Institute of Reflexology. It is considered to be the most effective foot roller on the market, is easy to use, gives quick results, and will last a lifetime. Use anytime, anywhere. Keep the large roller at home and take the small roller with you to your office, gym, or whenever you travel.

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