QuWave USB Harmonizer™

$189.00 CAD

This is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes our exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into the equipment where it is plugged into. Thus turning a piece of equipment like a computer which is normally an EMF E-smog producer into a healthy field generator.


his is a miniature version of the QuWave Harmonizer which plugs directly into a USB port on any device. This is similar to our other QuWave products, but in addition to generating a field with it’s internal antenna, it also couples this energy field into the equipment where it is plugged into. Thus turning the equipment into a radiating source of stabilizing healthy energy.

Wherever you plug it into, that device will become a field generator to provide healing and calming fields:

  • Laptop Computer
  • Desktop PC
  • USB Hub/Router
  • Plasma HDTV
  • Cable Box
  • Satellite Box
  • anything with a USB port

Turns your Computer or TV into a protective field generator which produces a healing Scalar Field combined with calming Schumann Resonance.

The QuWave USB model only takes power from the port where it is plugged into. It only takes very little power so it will not drain the computer’s battery or effect the equipment where it is connected. It does not use the USB data lines, so it will never interfere with the operation of your equipment.

With computers and laptops it goes into the standard USB port, or into a Router or a Hub.  A blinking blue light lets you know that its working.

With Televisions, it plugs into the TV’s USB port (all current generation HD TVs have a USB port). For older generation televisions, this product can be plugged into the USB port of either the Cable TV box, or the Satellite TV box (they all have a USB service port).

 The Scalar-Waves generated by the QuWave Harmonizer act in two ways

  1. They protect the body from EMF E-smog and strengthen the human Biofield to facilitate better health, well-being, and improve immunity to EMF radiation.
  2. They act as a medium which injects the Schumann-Resonance-Signal (Chi energy) directly into your body/brain to restore natural balance and improve brain waves.

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