Pacific Essences® Heart Spirit Oil, 30mL

$23.88 CAD

For nourishing our hearts and living in our bodies. The Heart Spirit® essence dissolves old heart pain and encourages us to truly embrace the ‘spirit of the heart’. The spirit of the heart is Love, Light, Laughter, Joy. It is Peace, Allowing, Embracing, Acceptance. It is Comfort, Ease, and Enthusiasm.

It promotes self worth and lends new meaning to the dignity of being human. It allows us to interact with each other with grace, ease, and compassion.

Both oil and spray contain pure rose oil and Heart Spirit® essence. The sensual, calming fragrance of rose oil seems to immediately connect us to present time.


Essences (Realms) Aromatherapy
Resonance Love
Key Attractors Love, Light, Laughter, Joy, Peace, Allowing, Embracing, Acceptance, Comfort, Ease, Enthusiasm
Key Challenges Closed, Disconnected from ourselves, Disconnected from others, Disconnected from our hearts
Meridians Heart, Heart Protector
Chakras Heart

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