Magnetic Pulsed Energy Therapeutic Copper Bracelet, Women’s (16 Magnets)

$52.50 CAD

Newco’s Copper Bracelets feature powerful Neodymium N48 super magnets ranging from 2500-3000 gauss embedded into the metal to drive the copper frequency naturally throughout your body via the bloodstream for therapeutic benefits. Each bracelet can be placed on either the wrist or ankle, or both for a complete grid of protection and treatment. 99.9% pure copper. Includes link adjusting tool.


Magnetic therapy works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. When the North / South flow of the magnet passes through tissue, a secondary current is created around the flux lines in the tissue cells. This ionized the protoplasm and rejuvenates the tissues by activating cell metabolism. The function of the cell becomes strengthened as the cell metabolism responds to the bioelectrical currents initiated by the magnetic flux. This current induces muscle spasms to decrease and the activated cell metabolism lowers inflammation in the issue. The increase of cellular metabolism aids in regeneration as well as cell growth.

  • Purify the blood thus protecting from viruses and bacteria
  • Increased energy
  • Neurological benefits
  • Headache & backache
  • Neck pain, sprains, & strains
  • Joints & muscle pain
  • Detoxify the bloodstream and recharge the tetrahedrons that carry the electrical charge.

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Science Daily Article on Copper

Not for use on pregnant women. People with pace makers cannot use due to battery drainage. Magnetic copper bracelets may drain your battery in your watch, please remove at night for treatment. Avoid credit card contact with magnetic bracelets.

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16 Magnets


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