Green Sisters Erotica Essential Oil Blend, 10mL

$19.99 CAD

Are you missing some Erotic in your bedroom? This well blended organic essential oils may help you to bring back the Champagne like bursting bubbles between you and your Partner. Diffuse the blend in your bedroom, Massage each other with Green Sisters Amber Oil or mix some Erotica drops with a Carrier Oil for a sensual massage,  drink some Champagne, light Candles, play Tantric Music and let the Magic begin.


SANDALWOOD: a sacred oil, that awakens sensuality, creates calmness and deep relaxation. in this state we have greater intuition and a sense of awareness that allows unconditional love.

CLARY SAGE: If our brain is racing,it is hard to quiet the mind and except Love. When we are relaxed a natural flow of Love can enter our mind and the state will bring Clary Sage.

CORINANDER: It will help us release resistance and attachment to old beliefs and open to new energies.  We will learn to love ourselves deeply and allow a deeper connection with the divine Love.

PATCHOULI: Is used to relax the mind and clarify thoughts.It releases obsessions, insecurities, jealousies and enhancing our desire to live a beautiful life.

Use in your diffuser in bedroom or bathroom.

Ingedients: Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Ylang – Ylang, Coriander, Patchouli

**All Green Sisters organic essential oils are for external use only. Before using essential oils internal contact a qualified Aromatherapist. The information on this page is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose of any disease or condition, it is not prescribe in any way.

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