Green Sisters Coriander Certified Organic Essential Oil, 10mL

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  • Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum
  • Plant Part: Herbs
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Processing Method: Steam Distilled
  • Description: A thin, colourless to pale yellow liquid.
  • Aromatic Summary: Coriander Essential Oil has a slightly sweet, spicy, herbaceous smell similar to that of Cilantro, offering a middle note with a medium aroma.


Spiritual Use: Coriander essential oil allows more spiritual light enter our physics and will help to expand the Heart Chakra.

It will help us release resistance and attachment to old beliefs and open to new energies. As we allow this transformation to happen we will love ourselves deeply and allow a deeper connection with the divine.

This oil is good for overeating or not taking care of self as related to food. Whether we over eat, have cravings for sugar or binge, it is all related to the matters of the Heart. This is related in not celebrating our own self love.

What Chakra is connected:  Solar plexus

Blends With: Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, Neroli, and Orange sweet

Product Abstract: Coriander is a delicate annual herb with several branches having lacy leaves with jagged edges. The plant grows to a height of 1 to 3 feet with small pinkish-white flowers. The aromatic seeds are round and yellowish brown when ripe. Its name was from the Greek word koris, or ‘bed bug’ owing to the fact that the globose seeds smell like these insects until they ripen and emit a pleasant, spicy aroma. Coriander is indigenous to Egypt and the seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. It was one of the plants that were grown in the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Both ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed coriander had aphrodisiac properties and used the seeds to flavour their wines. In 1510 the Benedictine monks documented using them as an ingredient in their herbal tonic known as Benedictine, the Carthusian Monks used them to make Chartreuse in the 1740’s, and the Carmelite order in France used coriander seeds with lemon balm, lemon zest, angelica root and nutmeg in their 17th century eau de toilette known as Carmelite Waters. In India, the seeds are still used for cooking.

Cautions: Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

**All our organic essential oils are for external use only. Before using essential oils internal contact a qualified Aromatherapist. The information on this page is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose of any disease or condition, it is not prescribe in any way.

Do not use during pregnancy.

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