Eagle Eyes® Classic Aviator Night-Lite® Driving Glasses 50066

$76.95 CAD

The first aviator style glasses were designed to protect the eyes of WWII pilots in combat. We’ve adapted that iconic flyboy look for the needs of night drivers, fitting our gold Classic Aviator frame with our exclusive Night-Lite® lenses designed to soften harsh lights and filter out high-glare from oncoming headlights and LED-lit signage.


Night-Lite® Lens Technology

Our night vision glasses with Night-Lite® technology are designed to filter out high-intensity glare and soften harsh lights from oncoming cars, streetlights and billboards, while enhancing clarity and definition at night. This helps to improve your ability to detect and distinguish objects and fight temporary night blindness and eyestrain while driving after dark.

  • Lens Width: 58mm
  • Lens Height: 49mm
  • Bridge: 16mm
  • Temple: 140mm

Learn more about Night-Lite® Technology here


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