Börner PowerLine Oval Slicing Bowl + With Sieve Insert

$15.99 CAD

The Original Borner PowerLine bowl is designed specially developed to use with all of Borner’s original slicers. The PowerLine Bowl guarantees a perfect and secure fit for any Borner slicer or grater, including the V5 PowerLine. Cut materials are caught in the bowl to make for an easy and clean prep work without a cutting board. Bowl can also be used to serve, as it comes in similar bold and shiny colors as the slicers. The additional sieve serves as a strainer for freshly washed salad leaves, fruit, etc.


Just attach the edges of any slicer to either side of the bowl.

*With our regular slicers (such as the Waffle, the Roko, and the Grater), ensure the feet fit perfectly on the other side of the bowl before use. V5 and V-Slicer feet will simply rest on the bowl.

Product specifications:

  • Drip tray (through sieve insert) – an original Borner Accessory
  • Functional fit for all original Borner slicers, including the V-Slicer and V5 PowerLine
  • Extremely tough plastic
  • Oil and vinegar resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • Care: Wash under running water

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