The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr. Robert Young Ph.D

$17.25 CAD

Looking to lose weight? Forget counting calories, fat grams, and cholesterol. The single most important health measurement is the pH of your body. This book shows you how discover the secrets to weight loss.


Let’s start with simple math. How many excess pounds do you need to shed to achieve your ideal, healthy weight—10, 30, 100? Whatever your answer, multiply it by two; you now have the MAXIMUM number of days it will take you to reach your goal, if you follow THE pH MIRACEL FOR WEIGHT LOSS.

Despite what you may believe, weight loss is not about fat grams, cholesterol, carbs, or calories. It’s all about acid. Reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood. In this latest entry in the successful pH Miracle series, Dr. Young and his wife, chef Shelley Redford Young, offer a simple 7-step lifestyle program to balance your body chemistry, change your shape, and slim down to your ideal body weight—naturally and permanently. Best of all, you’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary fat cells forever.

From the science behind the plan to the dietary do’s and don’ts (along with recipes), a detailed exercise plan, and dozens of dramatic real-life before-and-after photos, this program lays the groundwork for long-term success.


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