bellicon® Premium Rebounder

Starting From: $1,869.00 CAD

The bellicon® Premium has a beautiful, stainless steel frame that’s scratch resistant and antiseptic. Its high-tech engineering adds even greater strength and durability. Available in 44” and 49”

Choosing your frame size

The bellicon comes in three different sizes to fit you, your workout style and your available space.

The frame size refers the frame’s diameter, which is either 39”, 44” or 49”, with the overall jumping area increasing significantly as the diameter increases. (The 44” has 40% more jumping area than the 39”, and the 49” has 33% more than the 44”…and 88% more than the 39”!)

The general rule regarding frame size is “the bigger the better,” because the larger mat space allows for a wider range of movements and exercises. (Having more bouncing space is also just more fun!) Larger frame sizes are particularly recommended for taller people or anyone whose workouts might include broader movements or exercises performed while lying on the jumping surface. However, if floor space is an issue, or portability is a priority, then a smaller frame would be best. We ensure that all sizes perform equally well by increasing the number of bungees used with our larger sizes.

A good way to get a sense of how much jumping area a particular frame size offers, or how it would fit in your home, is to mark it out on your floor. Keep in mind that the diameter of the actually jumping area is 12” less than the diameter of the frame, due to the 6” border around the mat created by the bungee cords.

To get a sense of how the different sizes would fit you and your home space, simply mark out the frame size on the floor. That way, you’re sure of getting the bellicon® that’s best for you.

Frame diameter 39" Our smallest version has a 27" jumping surface (white arrows) and is a great choice for people who plan to travel with their bellicon or who have limited floor space.

Frame diameter 44" Our medium-sized version is also our most popular, and offers a 32" jumping surface. It features significantly more jumping area than the 39", allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Frame diameter 49" Our largest model has a whopping 37" jumping surface, which is almost twice as much as the 39". You'll enjoy the freedom and versatility offered by this spacious mini-trampoline.

The Suspension System - The Heart Of Any Trampoline

The bellicon’s bungee cord suspension comes in five different resistance strengths to ensure that you get the bounce performance that’s ideal for your weight and workout style.

When selecting a bungee strength, the most important factor is your body weight. We highly recommend choosing the Optimal Strength for your weight group in the chart. This will give you the ideal, “not-too-firm, not-too-soft” bounce performance.

Consider choosing a FIRMER bungee strength if:

  • You are mainly interested in combating osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • You suffer from chronic foot pronation that requires corrective footwear.
  • You plan on primarily doing fast-paced exercises or jogging.

Consider choosing a SOFTER bungee strength if:

  • You are mainly interested in “Health Bouncing,” which is gentle bouncing for renewing your fitness, muscle tone, balance and overall health.
  • You have issues with your back, knees, joints, discs or vertebrae, or any condition that requires the gentlest possible performance, or if you suffer from osteoarthritis or lymphedema in your legs.

NOTE: Using a bungee strength that’s firmer than the Optimal Strength recommended for your weight won’t produce a more challenging workout, though it will make faster-paced exercises easier due to the shallower bounce. DON’T WORRY: If, after receiving your bellicon, you think that you’d prefer a softer or stronger bungee strength, we’ll be glad to exchange them.

Bungee colors

Do you have a color pattern that personally motivates you? Pick your preferred colors - you can currently choose between 10 different colors! Beautiful is what looks nice, motivates you, and boosts your mood. Generally speaking, the brighter the colors of the bungees, the easier it will be to locate the edge of the mat. Enjoy combining your colors!

Should I choose the screw-in or folding legs?

If you plan on stowing your bellicon® often, go for the folding legs.If at all possible, we recommend that you find a place in your home where your bellicon can be left out - the more you see it, the more you’ll want to use it. If you do plan to leave yours out, then the screw-in legs are your best option. If you need to transport or stow your bellicon, removing the screw-in legs takes about two minutes and reattaching them takes about four.

For added convenience and portability, we also offer the option of folding legs on all of our models. Though Just as stable and reliable as our standard screw-in legs, folding legs make it quick and easy to stow your bellicon in a closet or under a bed between uses.

Mat types - Standard and Comfort mat

Standard mat Offering a safe and optimally flexible non-slip surface, our mats are custom designed from high-quality polyprophylene (Permatron™). The colorful ring does not only look nice but also helps to identify the borders of the mat making it easier to bounce in the center. Available in 39", 44" and 49", as well as nine different colors.
Comfort mat With an innovative, padded design, the comfort mat offers an expanded jumping area compared to our Standard mat wit the same diameter. The padded outer edge increases jumping space about 2.5" providing you with more exercise options than ever. Available in 39", 44" and 49", as well as nine different colors.

Additional information

Frame Size:

112cm (44"), 125cm (49")


Standard, Comfort

Mat Colour:

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


Screw-in, Fold-up

Bungee Strength:

Soft, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong, Ultra Strong

Bungee Colour:

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Yellow


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