Mystech Pre-5G Bracelet — Schumann, Sun, & Silver Frequency

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Pre-5G represents the combination of frequencies Mystech have chosen as our best defence and EMF protection against the currently understood effects of 5G.  Using Mystech’s proprietary process of imprinting, they have thoughtfully crafted a bracelet using 3 different beads and 3 different frequencies, responding to the anticipated threat of 5G on 3 different fronts listed below.

For nearly a decade, Mystech has offered products imprinted with 7.38hZ (commonly known as the Schumann Resonance). Providing a personal, portable and permanent source of this life-giving frequency.

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Quartz — Imprinted with 7.83Hz at Level 2.5 (the highest intensity we’ve ever offered).  Widely known as the Schumann Resonance, this frequency has been shown to establish proton alignment, stabilizing the physical body at the molecular level.  The effect of this is powerful EMF-blocking and mitigation, the removal of electromagnetic pollution from the body, and the restoration of the body’s natural balance and function.  You can find out more information about this here.

Hematite — Imprinted with the Silver Frequency:  43.3Hz.  With so much information about 5G affecting the immune system in ways we have not seen before, we chose the pre-eminent natural frequency for supporting the immune system.  As stated on

“People have used silver for centuries to take advantage of its antimicrobial properties… many people take silver supplements with the intention of promoting a stronger immune system, speeding up wound healing, or supporting their overall health and wellness. We strongly encourage you to take control of your wellness by performing independent research on what our products can do for you.”

Pyrite — Imprinted with the Frequency of the Sun!  The installation of 5G networks is creating much denser electromagnetic fields than present 4G networks.  5G wave properties require base stations to be placed much closer together (within 100 metres from each other).  This will result in a saturation of our skies with 5G EMF, creating a veritable blanket that parts of the Sun’s natural spectrum will not be able to penetrate.  By Imprinting the Pyrite beads to the Frequency of the Sun, the intention is to provide at least some of the frequency that we could be blocked off from.  Feedback on this exact Frequency:  “it’s like having a mini Sun inside me”.  People are reporting more brightness in their mood, more clarity in thought, and a new drive to take action!

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