BioElectric Shield Level 1, Essential (20% off While Quantities Last)

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Personal Shield – Low EMF Exposure

Level 1 All Brass Shields are generally used as Auto or Room Shields. They will reduce the amount of EMF in any space in which they are hung. Worn as a personal Shield, they will deflect all types of EMF but if the EMF is very strong, and continues for hours, it’s best to wear a Level 2 or higher Shield. However, if your exposure is low, and this works best for your budget, the Level 1 Shield is a great place to start. BioElectric Shield has an upgrade program that allows you to trade-in your Level 1 Shield for a higher level. You can also Take a Quiz to determine which level of protection will be best for you.


Level 1 Shield is a brass pendant with the crystal-matrix inside it. There are 2 types of Level 1 Shields: our “Room” Shield which is hung in an auto or room and the Personal Energy Protection Shield is worn or carried in a pocket.

Take The Quiz

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How are Level 1 Shields used? – Room and Personal Versions

Auto or Room Shield: It is used to clear EMF from any space in which it is hung. If you also get the optional stand, it can be moved from room to room. It can be used in a home office during the day, media room during the evening, and then moved to the bedroom at night. It protects 30 feet in all directions but does not go through walls.

For adults: A Level 1 Personal Protection Shield will support your body as you navigate out in public where others are using their cell phones (mobiles), or a wireless network is active. If you live in a suburb or city, you have moderate to high EMF exposure even if you do not even own a cell phone! We prefer that anyone around EMF (which is nearly everyone), wear a Level 2 personal protection Shield. Or, if finances are an issue, you can start with our polished brass personal Shield and then use our upgrade program to get the stronger Level 2 Shield. To learn about Level 3 and Level 4 Shields, go to the chart at the bottom of this page.

For infants or children: Hang a Level 1 Room Shield wherever they sleep.It is critical to development that children be free of EMF interference during sleep, which is when the majority of their development occurs.

If your child is very sensitive that energy, BioElectric Shield suggests you take advantage of their free photo analysis. A specific Shield will be recommended, depending on their sensitivity and school environment (WiFi, for example).

School-Age Children: When your child starts using computers at school or is using a tablet at home, BioElectric Shield suggests they wear a Level 2 Shield (pendant or bracelet).

Focusing Issues or ADD/ADHD: Read about BioElectric Shield’s ADD/ADHD Focusing Shields or indigo children too. Both children and adults enjoy increased focusing ability wearing this Shield.

Where to Use a Level 1 Shield

  • Autos – attach tightly to rear view mirror.
  • Rooms – any and all rooms of your home
  • Smart Meters – hang on inside wall across from wall where Smart Meter is installed
  • Babies/Children – Hang in their bedroom or over the crib
  • Adults – personal protection for anyone with very low EMF exposure

Why Do Shields Come In 4 Different Levels Of Protection? Need Help Choosing a Shield?

Inside every BioElectric Shield is an physics-based crystal matrix see (How it Works) surrounded by a precious metal case. The metal amplifies the strength of the energy activity created by the crystal matrix.

  • Brass, a good amplifier, is used in all Level 1 Shields. They are very effective in a room, auto or as a starter personal Shield.
  • Silver, a stronger amplifier, is the metal in the Level 2 Shields. Children and others who have low-moderate exposure to EMF do well with this level of protection.
  • Level 3 Shields have a metal body with 14K gold tabs. Gold is the strongest amplifier of the crystal matrix energy. By adding gold tabs to the silver, this Shield is far stronger, including protection from Smart Meter radiation, 5G and other EMF. It is chosen by empaths, those who are sensitive to other people’s energy.
  • Level 4 has an all 14K gold case around the matrix and offers maximum protection from both EMF, other people’s energy and other forms of stress, including geopathic stress.
    Which one is right for you?
  • Take The Quiz for a recommendation based on your exposure/risk.

An Auto/Room Shield will neutralize EMF and harmonize energy for 30′ out from wherever it is hung.

The Room Shield, usually purchased with a stand, is placed in any room to clear EMF. The Room Shield neutralizes EMF and balances the energy 30 feet in all directions and will clear 90-100% of the EMF disturbance in a room. Perfect for any room with a TV or computer in it. Also smooth’s the emotional energy of the room. When used in an auto, it will continuously break up electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and other sources of EMF in your vehicle or room.


  • Vehicle: Tie it tightly to your rear view mirror (to keep it from swinging around)
  • Any room – home office, bedroom, playroom, etc.: Hang from ceiling or place on a table in the room.
  • Smart Meters: Place Shield on Stand on any piece of furniture that is close to the inside wall of where the Smart Meter is installed on the outside of that same wall. Ideally, the Room Shield will sit on a surface directly across from the Smart Meter, but if this is not possible, you can also hang 2-3 feet from that wall, at least 12″ down from the ceiling.


If you have 5G in your area we recommend the Premium Room Shield And a Personal Shield

Now that Smart Meters and 5G networks are being installed in several locations, we have added a Level 2 Premium strength Room Shield in all sterling silver, to give additional protection.

The Premium Room Shield uses sterling silver as the outer covering to the matrix, making its effectiveness much stronger. The metal that surrounds the Shield’s protective matrix serves to amplify the strength of the protection offered. Brass is a good amplifier and provides excellent protection from radiation in closed spaces (a room or vehicle). However, both 5G and Smart Meters send out much stronger and more frequent pulses of radiation and for many people are causing a variety of symptoms, and the Premium Room Shield can handle a lot of the 5G energy.

If you are sensitive to EMF, have 5G in your area or simply wish to deflect and break up more radiation, we suggest you try the Premium Auto/Room Shield.

In addition to a Room Shield, we highly recommend a personal Shield to protect you wherever you go, especially if you have 5G in your area.

In fact, if you can only get one item, we’d prefer you get a personal Shield first because that will protect you 24/7 where ever you are.

Additional information


L11-P, All Brass Shield w/Polishing Cloth, L11-RM, All Brass Room Shield


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