CatanDog's Holistic Flea & Tick Repellent Tag for Cats and Dogs

CatanDog’s tag is made with electromagnetically charged jewelry grade Zamak that forms a protective shield in 7-21 days after it is attached on your pet’s collar. The electromagnetic field in CatanDog’s tag interacts with the natural electromagnetic waves from the heart, and is a key element in generating scalar waves that repel parasites such as fleas and ticks. Scalar waves create a bio resonant field that is effective in treating a variety of medical conditions. ‘Scalar medicine’ is now widely recognized in the profession as a form of holistic, non-invasive therapy. For a scientific explanation and illustration, please click to view the pdf on How CatanDog’s Tags Work.

CatanDog’s tag relies on the laws of physics to enable pet owners around the world to provide their loved ones with the safest and the longest-lasting holistic pet protection against flea and tick infestation. In contrast, the alternative flea and tick treatments are chemical-based pesticides that come with risks and warnings to keep away from children and, also, to avoid application on kittens and puppies below a certain age, as well as cats and dogs that are sick. CatanDog’s does not have any such restrictions as it is chemical-free and has no side-effects.

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