Alco-Stat Transdermal Patches, Pack of 30

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The Alco-stat transdermal patch reduces the craving for alcohol, is all natural, non-addictive, non-prescription and next to abstinence it is the best option* EFFECTIVE IN CONTROLLING EVEN BINGE DRINKING

All Natural – Drug and Alcohol Free


The Alco-Stat transdermal patch system is intended for use as a stand alone program, or in conjunction with other rehabilitative approaches including:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Partnership for a drug free society
  • Al-Anon
  • Counselling and Rehabilitative Programs

Every Patch Contains

  • The plant Corydalis dicentra contains the antagonist pthaloid isoquinoline alkaloid (bicuculline)
  • The plant Ginko biloba contains the antagonist sequiterpenoid lactone (bilobalide)
  • The plant Matricaria recutita contains the antagonist Apigenin
  • The plant Camellia sinensiscontains the antagonist Epigallocatechin gallate

Extensive scientific evidence shows how habituation to the use of alcohol and the craving for alcohol may be reduced by competitive inhibition at alcohol receptor sites. This means that the requirement for alcohol to satisfy a need is diminished by the action of competitive inhibition

Competitive inhibition results when competitive antagonists reversibly bind to receptors at the same binding site (active site) as the endogenous ligand or agonist in the brain or central nervous system. The competitive antagonist must lock into the site precisely, like interlocking pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle. Once locked in, the site is no longer available for another compound or drug, including alcohol, at that site.

The level of activity of the receptor will be determined by the relative affinity of each molecule for the site. The substance employed as the competitive antagonist should be safe, and in the case of Alco-Stat, natural and herbal. By binding to the site, it replicates the satiating effect of alcohol, with obviously none of the side effects of alcohol. The urge to drink is diminished.

Alcohol is one of the oldest and most widely abused of all psychoactive drugs. Alcohol’s neuro-pharmacological action includes intoxication, sedative, anxiolytic, and addictive properties.

The neuro receptor site closely associated with alcohol is GABAa. There are complex interactions at this site, but if a competitive antagonist binds to this site, and provides partial satiation of the craving for alcohol with no side effects, the desire to consume alcohol is substantially reduced. With chronic use alcohol modifies the five protein receptor areas of GABAa.

Many dangerous addictive drug situations are treated by competitive inhibition, the most common example being the use of methadone as a competitive antagonist for heroin, but methadone is itself a drug. The ingredients in the Alco-Stat patches are natural substances.

Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the brains major inhibitory transmitter. When GABA binds to a GABA receptor site in the brain it causes a reduction in the ability of that neuron to conduct a neural impulse. The brain has three types of GABA receptors but it is GABA that is a primary alcohol site. When an individual ingests alcohol it opens the chloride ion channels in the GABA receptors.

GABA is the most abundant nerve transmitter in the brain and central nervous system. Tiny sacs filled with GABA are stored at the end of each neuron, and when a nerve impulse reaches the cell it triggers the sacs to release GABA into the synapse that separates one cell from another.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, a safety switch which blocks nerve impulses and helps avoid a variety of behavioural and psychological conditions. Alcohol locks onto receptor sites impairing the function of GABA, leading to addiction, and as stated modifying the receptor site.

A competitive antagonist will fit into and lock on the modified receptor site, trick the brain into thinking the craving for alcohol has been satisfied, but not have the damaging properties of alcohol.

Alco-Stat minimizes the trauma of withdrawal because the craving is more and more satiated by neuro-receptor blockers. You will be able to cut down your drinking, if you are prepared to make the effort and are ready for change.

Conquering an addiction or strong habituation to alcohol is not easy. Alco-Stat transdermal patches are an invaluable asset in breaking the alcohol addiction pattern. They will start and keep you on the road to putting alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse behind you. The craving for alcohol will fade and your drinking problems cease.

You do not have to reach rock bottom, Alco-Stat can be started at any time, privately and confidentially. Many people are not up to the social and probing complexities of even well intentioned organizations that offer assistance.

The use of Alco-Stat enhances the support of organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-anon, Narcononm, and rehabilitation centers.

The problem is impeded by denial and rationalization. Today is stressful, tomorrow will always be better. Most people do not make a decision to remedy their alcohol problem casually. Recovering from a drinking problem is a considered decision.

*As with any transdermal patch individual results will vary depending on compliance and metabolism. Please read product insert for complete information. Remember to keep this and all other medicines out of reach of children. Studies based on 173 participants with a 73% effectiveness rate.

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