Tribest® GlasLife® Airtight Round Glass Storage Containers, GLC04SN, Set of 4

$51.95 CAD

Store your favorite foods and ingredients with GlasLife® airtight food storage containers. GlasLife® storage container lids feature a unique airtight silicone seal and snap-to-lock lids that prevent air from entering the container during storage allowing food to stay fresher longer, stopping drips from spilling and odors from escaping. With GlasLife®, storing soups, salads, poultry, fruits, and aromatic ingredients have never been easier.

Since GlasLife® containers were designed for everyday use and are made of clean heavy-duty tempered glass that is lightweight yet strong and durable, identifying what’s stored is no longer left to guessing, making organization easier and preparation faster. Additionally, GlasLife’s® storage lids are BPA-Free.


  • Neatly nest into one another with their lids attached for optimum convenience and organization
  • Made of heavy-duty stain resistant tempered glass that is lightweight, yet strong and durable
  • Easy snap locking lids with airtight silicone seals
  • Aside from being used for storing your favorite foods and recipes, GlasLife® can be used to reheat leftovers in the microwave, store frozen foods in the freezer, and can also be cleaned using a dishwasher
  • Plastic snap locking lids with silicone seals are made of BPA-free materials
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe


  • GLC045 Small 15 oz / 0.45 L
    5.4” D x 2.65” H
  • GLC09 Medium 30 oz / 0.9 L
    6.5” D x 3.25” H
  • GLC16 Large 54 oz 1.6 L
    7.85” D x 3.85” H
  • GLC28 X-Large 95 oz / 2.8 L
    9.25” D x 4.3” H


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