Pacific Essences® The Good Vibrations

$21.88 CAD

Inspired by the overwhelming results that Pacific Essence customers and clients received from their signature combinations – Balancer™, Heart Spirit™, and Abundance™ we developed other ‘user friendly’ essence blends which would address some of the major challenges that people might experience in their lives.

Each of these special synergistic blends have been built around one particular essence that specifically resonates with the challenge which the combination will address.

25mL each


Pacific Essences are dedicated to the promotion of Flower, Sea and Gem & Crystal Essences as non-invasive, gentle, and effective tools for healing. They believe that an essence is the manifestation of Spirit in each physical form. It reveals itself as the unique vibration or frequency in all living things. It is the energetic imprint of the life force of a particular plant.

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Abundance Stabilizer, Being Peace, Being True Worth, Cellular Memory, Detox, Earth, Fearlessness, Fire, Forgiving, Kid's Stuff, Metal, New Attitudes, Optimal Immunity, Optimal Learning, Radiant Beauty, Shielding, Super Vitality, Twelve Gems, Water, Wood, Mother Tree


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