Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals by Christopher Vacey, N.D.

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“The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to the world of natural antibiotics by presenting eighteen of the most important ones and explaining how to use them. To do this, I shall first explain the role played by germs in infectious diseases as well as that of the body’s cellular terrain and immune system on the possible development of infections. I will also examine the manner in which standard antibiotics work, as well as the question of their side effects and the development of resistance in germs when they are used, as the use of natural antibiotics provides a solution to both these growing problems.” ~ Christopher Vacey, N.D.


  • The History of Natural Antibiotics – Rediscovering the Power of Plant-Based Remedies
  • Germs – What They Are and How They Interact with Humans
  • Infectious Diseases – Their Forms and Sources
  • Our Immune System – The Five Lines of Defense
  • Pharmaceutical Antibiotics – Their History and Effects
  • Natural Antibiotics – 18 Remedy Profiles

About the Author: Christopher Vasey is a naturopath and author living in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland. He studied at a naturopathy school in Paris under the supervision of P.V. Marchesseau and Alain Rousseaux.


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