Eagle Eyes® Force Polarized Sunglasses 81040

$110.95 CAD

When it comes to sports, you’re a force to be reckoned with. That’s why Eagle Eyes® created the Force, our first sports sunglasses made especially for women.



The pink mirrored lenses of these stylish sport sunglasses are TriLenium® 7 Polarized, designed to block scattered blue light, reduce glare, enhance your vision and block 99.9% of harmful UV radiation. Plus, 2x Scratch-Guard™, smudge-proof and water-repellent lens coatings ensure that no matter how extreme the activity, the Force is with you. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Made with Techlon™ PC and HA-60 silicone temples, the Force’s semi-rimless, blade-style frames are available in black or white and feature a sleek cutout design. Specially formulated to be lightweight but durable, the Force’s frames offer long-lasting comfort, performance and protection.

  • Lens Width: 70mm
  • Lens Height: 40mm
  • Bridge: 17mm
  • Temple: 115mm

Trilenium® Sunglass Lens Technology

It started with cutting-edge polarized technology that NASA created to protect their astronauts’ eyes while living and working in space. Today, this same technology is the foundation of our Trilenium® polarized sunglasses. Trilenium® lens technology is designed to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision.


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Black Frame with Pink Mirror Lens 81040


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