Build Powerful Nerve Force by Paul & Patricia Bragg

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A cure for those dull, dragged-out, hopeless, helpless feelings! Millions of healthy, happy followers have learned to control & increase their Vital Nerve Force – the Bragg way: Prevention – Health – Maintenance.


Paul Bragg’s New Way to Health

After he had defeated tuberculosis at 18, Dad became intensely interested in healthy lifestyles and fitness and resolved to achieve the highest physical perfection allowed by Mother Nature. The developmental process of his study and practice of Health Culture began with physical exercise and athletics because he believed—as many do today—that muscular strength means health. As the fallacy of this dangerous theory became clear to him, he began to concentrate on scientific nutrition, deep breathing and systematic body-building to repair and renew his physique. He remained always on the alert to find the weakest cog in his body’s machinery.

He found the most vulnerable factor in health to be the nerves, the body’s governing force. That is where the body is weakest and most sensitive to abuse. We must begin to build up our Vital Force in the nerves! This statement is not based upon mere theory. Dad personally supervised Physical and Nutritional Programs for thousands yearly, also teaching thousands of students who attended our Bragg Health Crusades worldwide. The truths of my father’s early teachings are now becoming accepted and honored by health professionals worldwide.

The Secret of Nerve Force

Nerve Force is the source of all life! Life itself flows through your nerves—never forget that! When fully supplied with Nerve Force, we are enthusiastic, happy, fit and ambitious. We overcome difficulties and are ready to accept the challenges that life offers. Problems of all kinds become manageable when we are confident that we have the Nerve Force to cope with them. People with powerful Nerve Force cannot be beaten. They rise up again for a new start, no matter how often they might fail. In the end, they win! Thus, 95% of humanity is dominated by the other 5%. It’s Nerve Force that does the leading and makes the difference.

Nerve Force Is the Key to Vital Living

Your health, strength, vitality and endurance are directly measured by the degree of your Nerve Force. It gives you the reserve power that makes life successful and fascinating. The world is full of people with the brains and ability to rise to the top, but who lack the necessary Nerve Force to push them forward. A person’s beauty, charm and vivacity are directly related to the Nerve Force that makes them sparkle with radiant health. Your body is a complicated machine; Nerve Force and physical health are interdependent. Nerve Force is the driving power, but its generation, in turn, depends upon the harmonious activities of the vital organs. Your body is nourished throughout its every part by a vast circulatory system that carries oxygenated blood from your heart and lungs. If an organ is not functioning properly, your blood will not contain the elements necessary to create the right sort of Nerve Force. Your stomach must digest efficiently. The digestion assimilating process must be dependable. The eliminating organs—the bowels, lungs, kidneys and skin—must have tremendous Nerve Force to work efficiently. The spleen, liver and all the vital organs of the complex blood-making laboratory must all work harmoniously.

If you arise every morning feeling dull and fatigued, if you are without ambition or goals, if you feel old, worn and dragged-out, or if the future looks hopeless and you feel defeated and helpless, then there’s something wrong with your nervous system! Your Nerve Force is depleted and must be renewed! Good news: You don’t have to feel this way! Read on and learn how.

There is one thing you can do—start rebuilding your vital Nerve Force today! The body is a miraculous self-cleansing and self-healing organism when you give it and Mother Nature a chance. Unfortunately, most people, especially Americans today, are depleting their Nerve Force and are whipping their nerves in a desperate effort to compensate. This only makes everything worse.

A Healthy Lifestyle is the Wisest and Best Remedy for Nervous Disorders

Let it be definitely understood that we can’t offer any cures for nervous conditions. We do not prescribe, diagnose or treat disease in any way. That is strictly for the doctors. We are teachers instructing people in a Program of Natural Living that will keep their entire body in good physical condition. This program, The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, includes correct daily habits of eating, exercising, sleeping, breathing, fasting, relaxing, bathing, posture, and even a technique of meditation for developing powerful control over the mind and body. Everyone who wishes to be free from chronic fatigue and build powerful Nerve Force must have full control of both their mind and body.

Live as Mother Nature Intended You to Live

One of the most dominant themes of this book is a gradual return to a more natural way of living. In your thinking, eating, and all of your daily habits, you must strive for simplicity of life. Try to reach a nearness to Mother Nature and make yourself at home with her. When you feel that the same pure forces which express themselves in a pine tree are manifesting themselves in you, you have made a big stride toward the ideal life.

Begin to live as Mother Nature and God want you to live. Seek and feel their love and know that you can be part of their healthy world-wide family. In your daily meditations repeat over and over again, “I am becoming the perfect child of God and Mother Nature!” You become one with Mother Nature when you live the natural Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. As you become a part of Mother Nature—in body, mind, and spirit—you will attain the highest possible Nerve Force!

Build Your Own Nerve Force

The reason we told you we offer no magic cures for people with nerve problems is because to build powerful Nerve Force, you—and you alone—must do it! It is day-to-day living and thinking that is important. We will outline our entire Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for you in this book, but we cannot live it for you—nor can anyone else! No one can eat, exercise, fast, breathe or meditate for you. The more you put into this Nerve Force Program, the more good benefits you will reap from it! Our Program is designed to not only give you powerful Nerve Force, it will also make you a more balanced person physically and mentally. The program is designed to lead you to “bliss consciousness”, which simply means getting more out of your life—more peace, serenity and happiness. This is the true joy of living!


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