bellicon® Support Handles, Single or Pair

Starting From: $169.00 CAD

For people with balance issues or anyone looking for greater security while bouncing, bellicon® high-quality, high-gauge steel support handles are the answer. These semi-circular handles provide added safely and securely while bouncing and while getting on and off your bellicon®.


We highly recommend the use of bellicon® support handles for people suffering from balance issues or anyone whose health or fitness makes it challenging for them to exercise on a pliable surface. They are also an excellent aid for people engaged in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Made of the same high-quality steel as bellicon® frames,  support handles provide a secure handhold during exercise and while getting on or off your bellicon®.

Though most people adapt quickly to exercising on a pliable surface, many people enjoy the added stability and security a firm handrail offers, allowing them to take full advantage of their bellicon®. Because of the increased confidence they provide, our support handles are especially popular with older adults, people who are new to rebounding exercise, and people with certain physical challenges.

Studies show that mini-trampoline exercise is a great way to increase balance and proprioception, which helps to prevent falls. It’s also an excellent way to increase bone strength and fight osteoporosis and osteopenia. Our support bars make it possible for the people who are most in need of these benefits to enjoy their bellicon®.

Support handles are available as pairs and come in three different sizes to fit our 39”, 44” and 49” frames. Support handles are attached to the legs of the bellicon® and don’t require tools for installation. Detailed installation instructions are included.

NOTE: We advise against using hand support handles with folding leg models because support handles would need to be removed before the legs could be folded, eliminating the convenient storage benefits of having a folding leg model.

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Single, Pair


100cm (39"), 112cm (44"), 125cm (49")


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