BAREFOOT SCIENCE™ Active Insoles, Full Length (7 Step Version)

$124.95 CAD

  • Complete 7 Step Strengthening System of insole plugs included
  • Enriched with 37.5 mineral-based, dynamic thermoregulation technology, proven to increase athletic performance by 26%, and moves heat and moisture away from your feet
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • High density ‘Rogers Poron™’ at the ball and heel for provides excellent shock absorption and long-lasting durability
  • Extra pressure-reducing layer
  • Built for all body types
  • Strengthening Insole Plugs 6 and 7 designed to withstand a heavier footfall
  • Great option for those with an active lifestyle, or those working on becoming more active!
  • Additional stimulation to massage tense foot muscles
  • Proactive and reactive

*The full-length insole is recommended ONLY for shoes with removable insoles. For shoes without removable insoles, please view one of our 3/4 length insoles.


This is our most popular model and includes 7 Steps to achieve the ultimate benefits from BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ like strengthened arches, reduced muscle fatigue, improved static and dynamic balance, and relief from sore feet.

Strengthening feet will help with recovery from plantar fasciitis, fallen arches or flat feet, some alignment issues, shin splints, heel spurs, weak arches, and ankle, knee, hips, and back soreness.

Get the maximum benefit from our 7 step, Full-Length Active insoles! 

The complete 7 Step Strengthening System is included to achieve the ultimate benefits for your entire body:

  • Strengthened arches
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Improved static and dynamic balance
  • Relief from sore feet and so much more!

The new Active model will be clothed in a fabric infused with 37.5 technology.

The full length is ideal for shoes with removable insoles.

Similar to walking in sand, Barefoot Science insoles cause the 20 muscles in each of your feet to fire in a way that makes them stronger. As with any muscle group, the more they are exercised, the stronger they get.

Clothed in a temperature-regulating, anti-moisture, anti-fungal material and containing Rogers Poron™ at the heel of the insert – our Active model is excellent for enhancing shock absorption and pressure reduction;  which can be ideal for active lifestyles, a robust gait, and high step rate occupancies.

Active full-length is an EXCELLENT choice for athletes. The Complete 7 Step Strengthening system provides the most mid-arch stimulation. Mid-arch stimulation has been known to reduce proprioception deficits and strengthen neuromuscular pathways between the feet and the brain – not only enhancing performance, but also improving static & dynamic balance and contact time. Most athletes use this in-shoe technology as a natural performance enhancer.

Not an athlete?  This insole is also ideal for everyday wear for people from all walks of life. Customers who are on levels 6 and 7 describe a massaging sensation when walking with Barefoot Science.

*The full-length insole is recommended for shoes WITH removable insoles. For shoes without removable insoles, please view our 3/4 length Active model. 

Sizes available

XS (Child 3.5 – 5.5 / Women 5 – 7.5), S (Men 5 – 7.5 / Women 8 – 9.5), M (Men 8 – 9.5 / Women 10 – 11.5), L (Men 10 – 11.5 / Women 12 – 13), XL (Men 12 – 13.5) XXL (Men 14 – 16)

Barefoot Science is an intelligent solution to an age-old problem that has never been solved by traditional orthotics. Pain and dysfunction is caused by muscle weakness, so it follows that strengthening is the path to wellness.

The standard treatment for foot and joint pain is orthotics or device loaded shoes which effectively brace the foot, preventing movement. However, we believe this is not the solution. Through rehabilitation and strengthening work, Barefoot Science builds a better foundation for pain free movement.

A Stronger Foundation

Architects know that arches lend strength. The arch in our feet works similarly, absorbing pressure and supporting our weight. An increased arch height results in a more even weight distribution across the joints of the foot, decreasing tension on the plantar fascia. Barefoot Science works to build arch strength by stimulating the muscles in the foot, building strength over a short period of time.

The Barefoot Feeling

Our feet were designed to be bare. Bare feet feel the ground better and can react quickly to changes on the ground. Barefoot Science stimulates the body’s innate proprioception, enabling you to better sense your feet, and improving balance and stability.

A Gradual And Dramatic Change

With its’ dome-shaped insole, Barefoot Science begins by progressively stimulating receptors in the soles of the feet and building new muscle. While it is doing this, it is also creating new neural pathways to help your body’s natural sense of alignment and balance. Each time a new insert is placed into the dome, forcing your foot to work harder. The end result is a proven increase in arch strength and height, balance, foot stability, and ultimately, a stronger kinetic chain.

The Science Stands Up

Independently tested and re-tested, Barefoot Science has a proven track record of dramatic results for all people:

  • Those who stand or walk for extended periods of time for their jobs
  • Athletes
  • Military personnel
  • Diabetics

The Barefoot Solution

  • All BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patents are focused on bringing progressive exercise to the feet while wearing shoes, replicating the positive effect of walking barefoot in the sand or grass.
  • BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ effectively addresses the cause of the foot related problems, rather than simply accommodating the symptoms.

Key Advantages

  • COMPLIANCE: Easy to Use. The product is simple and straightforward – put them into your shoes and they begin to work.
  • TRANSITION AND USE: One Step at a Time. Unlike orthoses, there is virtually no accommodation period. Non dependency makes it the safer option.
  • THE RIGHT FIT: For Everyday Living. Fit into any sensible footwear allowing for continual wear, although it isn’t essential.
  • STRENGTHENING: Addressing the Cause. Encourages foot strengthening, leading to the transition back to walking barefoot or with minimal footwear.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are not sure which BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is right for you!

Additional information


XS (Child 3.5 – 5.5 / Women 5 – 7.5), Small (Men 5 – 7.5 / Women 8 – 9.5), Medium (Men 8 – 9.5 / Women 10 – 11.5), Large (Men 10 – 11.5 / Women 12 – 13), XL (Men 12 – 13.5)


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